Performing Beliefs:
Indigenous Peoples of South America,
Central America, and Mexico

edited by Malena Kuss

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Table of Contents:

Title Page



Prologue  Malena Kuss


Native Peoples: Introductory Panorama  Carol E. Robertson

Myth, Cosmology, and Performance  Carol E. Robertson

Metamorphosis: Mythic and Musical Modes of Ceremonial Exchange among the Wakuénai of Venezuela  Jonathan D. Hill

Brazil’s Indigenous Universe (to ca. 1990): The Xavante, Kamayurá and Suyá  Elizabeth Travassos

The Yawari Ritual of the Kamayurá: A Xinguano Epic  Rafael José de Menezes Bastos

Music and Worldview of Indian Societies in the Bolivian Andes  Max Peter Baumann

Local Practices among the Aymara and Kechua in Conima and Canas, Southern Peru  Thomas Turino

Amerindian Music of Chile  María Ester Grebe

Musical Culture of Indigenous Societies in Argentina  Irma Ruiz

Fertility Ritual  Carol E. Robertson

Music and Healing  Carol E. Robertson

The Fundamental Role of Music in the Life of Two Central American Ethnic Nations: The Mískito in Honduras and Nicaragua, and the Kuna in Panama  Ronny Velásquez

Mexico’s Indigenous Universe  Marina Alonso Bolaños

Musical Traditions of the P’urhépecha (Tarascos) of Michoacán, Mexico  E. Fernando Nava López

Aerophones of Traditional Use in South America, with References to Central America and Mexico  Dale A. Olsen

Epilogue  Carol E. Robertson



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