Performing the Caribbean Experience

edited by Malena Kuss

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Table of Contents:

Title Page




The Antilles: Fragments of Epic Memory  Derek Walcott

The Caribbean: A Reflective Overview  Malena Kuss and Hazel Campbell

Music in the Life of Africans and Their Descendants in the New World  Argeliers León

Oral Traditions of Cuba  Carmen María Sáenz Coopat and María Elena Vinueza

The Religious System of Ocha-Ifá  Juan Mesa Díaz

Music in Festive Celebrations of the Regla de Ocha  María Elena Vinueza

Güiros and Batá Drums: Two Instrumental Groups of Cuban Santería  Victoria Eli Rodríguez

The Comparsa in Cuba  Argeliers León and María Teresa Linares

The Chinese Presence in Cuba  María Teresa Linares

Cuba: A Quasi-Historical Sketch  Malena Kuss

Puerto Rico  Malena Kuss

Oral Musical Traditions of the Dominican Republic  Martha Ellen Davis

The Dominican Republic  Martha Ellen Davis

Haitian Vodou and Its Music  Gerdès Fleurant

Haiti  Gerdès Fleurant

Haitian Traditions in Cuba  Zobeyda Ramos Venereo

Martinique  Dominique Cyrille (with Malena Kuss and Julian Gerstin)

Retention of African Concepts of Music in Jamaica  Olive Lewin

Jamaica  Olive Lewin

Barbados  Trevor G. Marshall and Elizabeth F. Watson

The Bahamas  Veronica Ingraham

St. Lucia  Jocelyne Guilbault and Embert Charles

St. Kitts and Nevis  Jacqueline Cramer-Armony (St. Kitts) and Joan Robinson (Nevis), with contributions by Victoria Borg O’Flaherty and Fidel O’Flaherty

East Indians in Trinidad, Guyana, and Suriname  Peter Manuel

Steelband in Trinidad and Tobago, or, Trinidad Steelband  Scofield Pilgrim

Musical Traditions in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao  Jos Gansemans

A Life Story from Curaçao  Rose Mary Allen

The Netherlands Antilles: A Historical Sketch  Malena Kuss

Drumming for San Juan in Barlovento and Beyond: African-Venezuelan Percussion Ensembles  Max H. Brandt

Cumbia: A Dance from Colombia’s Caribbean Coast  Susana Friedmann



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